Glen Eden
Intermediate School


Hello, Kia Ora, Annyeong ha se yo, Bonjour, Buenos Dias, Guten Tag, Konnichiwa, Namaste, Neih hou, Ni hao, Sawasdee Ka, Xin Chao

Glen Eden Intermediate welcomes International Students to be part of our GEIS family. We are recognised as a leading Intermediate school catering for students in Years 7 & 8 (boys and girls aged 10.5 - 13.5 years old). A strength of our programme is our ability to place one international student in each class. This allows for more customized interactions with our teachers and of course each student's "Kiwi" buddy. GEIS is committed to providing its students with future focused innovative learning opportunities within a supportive, caring environment. We want our International Students to embrace all on offer at GEIS as they work towards excelling and becoming leading global citizens. Our Kiwi students embrace all cultures and see it as a real honour to become a buddy for an International Student.

"The reason why I was able to study abroad with no big difficulties or problems was because of Glen Eden Intermediate School’s buddy system and the continuous support of the international student team." 내가 유학생활 중에도 큰 어려움 없이 지낼 수 있었던 것은 글랜이든만의 버디 프로그램과 지속적인 인터내셔널 학생 팀의 지원 덕분이라고 생각한다.