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The value of sport is more than what happens on the field or court. It is also about building good relationships with our students, having a positive understanding with our families and community and engaging students with their education. At GEIS, we provide our students with high quality sporting opportunities both at participation and competitive levels.
There are many opportunities to participate in sport in the school through our different levels of sport offered. Through sport our students experience and learn how to be part of a team, participate in physical activity, develop leadership skills, resilience and learn how to relate to others. “The strength of the TEAM is each individual. The strength of each individual is the TEAM”. (Phil Jackson) This is our GEIS Gladiators quote that all our teams have adopted.

It is important for children to understand that as individuals they all bring something unique to the team. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, but together in our GEIS teams we are stronger when we all work together. Everyone must contribute to the team, this is where we find our strength. Through all the highs and lows, we journey together as the GEIS Gladiators.


GEIS has different levels of opportunities in sport for our students:

Level 1:

Lunchtime Sports

Participation for everyone to be involved. Inter-Class and Inter-Mini School. This runs every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday either on the field, turf or in the gym. Notices about what is happening are posted on Cactus and Hail.

After School Sport

Basketball, Netball, Water Polo, Cycling. The number of teams we have available for each code is dependent on the number of volunteer coaches and managers. Parents are always needed to help with these roles, if you are able to assist please contact our Director of Sport.

Schoolwide Sporting Events

Participation for everyone to be involved in, which includes Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics/Carnival Day.

Level 2:

Zone Day Sports

Competitions against other West Auckland schools (one day tournaments) over the years GEIS have won 80% of the Waitakere Sporting Events. Trials are held for our zone day teams. Children are notified of these through Cactus and the school notices on Hail (online notices for students) for the sign up process of trials. The Director of Sport selects coaches for each sporting code. The teams selected are based on skills and attitude. These teams have a limited number of entries for each sporting code at the Waitakere Zone Days.
If we place 1st at the Waitakere zone, we then progress through to the Auckland Champs. (one day tournament)

Level 3:

Sports Camp

This is a week of competitive sports at Totara Springs, Matamata with other schools from around the Auckland, Bay of Plenty and Waikato region. The teams compete in over 20 sports and these range from rugby, netball, volleyball to petanque, chess and croquet and more. It is highly competitive and GEIS puts in a lot of hard work to prepare our teams for this competition. When the teams are selected we expect our students to be 100% committed to our training programme. We have most of our training sessions at 7.15am, lunchtimes or after school. Trials will be held during term one

Level 4:


National Sporting Champs.
The tournament is held in Tauranga and it is a full week of competitive sports with over 300 schools from throughout New Zealand and Australia. It is a spectacular event with over 7,800 Year 7 and 8 competitors. This is an elite level and there is a selection process where coaches select students through trials.

Sports Selection Procedures

At Glen Eden we provide our students with high quality sporting opportunities. The value of sport is more than what happens in the sporting arena. It is also about building good relationships with our students during the two years they are with us and having a positive understanding with our families and community and engaging students with their education.
All aspects of the selection process encompass the four school values of excellence, integrity, resilience and respect.

Through sport our students experience and learn how to be part of a team, take part in healthy competition, participate in physical activity, develop leadership skills and learn how to positively relate to others in varying situations. They have the opportunity to build resilience in a sporting environment which arms our students with skills that will be critical in the years ahead. We offer a vast number of sporting codes across a variety of different levels for all students and have a number of committed staff and whānau who volunteer their time and effort to organise the implementation of different sports teams into West Auckland, Auckland, National tournaments, weekly and/or social competitions. Our aim regarding the selection of GEIS Sports teams is to put together our strongest team for each sport that we wish to be competitive in and this is based on the following guidelines- ability, experience, fitness, commitment, fair play, and our school values. In the case where there are multiple teams within a sport, it is important that each student trialling is accurately placed in the team that matches their ability level so they can also be competitive and have a chance to be successful within their grade.


We have a school roll of over 1000 students. It is important that significant notice is given to students prior to trials of a particular sport. Communication of upcoming sporting opportunities is made available to whānau and students through using one or more of the following means:

● HAIL - online school notices

● Cactus notices - school TV show broadcasted daily at 8.45am. We will announce at least a week prior to trials notices/dates regarding sign ups, trials, and who to see if there are questions

● Assembly - teacher in charge may speak promoting sport

● Email - sent out with specific information

School App

Gym noticeboard


Often large numbers are keen to try out for most sports, and with only limited numbers available in each team, it is important that the following trial procedure is clearly followed.

● A selection of at least one experienced adult in the sporting code must be available for the duration of the trialling process.

● The trial process is fully explained to the student’s trialling so they are aware of what will be done (how many trials) and what the selector is specifically looking for.

● Communication is evident, informing the students of when and where trials will be taking place, and what the students will need.

● Each student trialling for a particular sport should be seen in action (on the field/turf/pool/court) for a sufficient amount of time; this is based on the selector’s discretion.

● Where time is limited for trials, selectors may create “provisional” teams with the possibility of players moving teams over the course of the first few games. This will be communicated to all involved if this is the case.

● The selection of the Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics teams (and also may include other Individual Codes) to represent Glen Eden at the Waitakere Zone Days is different from the above trialling procedure. Selection of the team is based on results at the school wide event with fastest times or distances being the deciding factor on who is selected for the team.

● In rare cases where time is limited to select teams, the teacher in charge will rely on their past experience with students to select a team to represent GEIS at a Waitakere Zone Day.

● If our GEIS team is successful at the Waitakere Zone Day they will then progress through to the Auckland Champs. It is to the discretion of the teacher in charge if they wish to add players to the team.


Players unable to attend or who have missed a trial/s or school wide events for any reason may still have an opportunity to be considered for the team. Any information provided by the student and teachers on the experience/skills related to the given sport may be considered by the selectors.

● If a player is unable to attend a trial due to injury/illness or other circumstances beyond their control:

  • Where possible the player may be invited to attend another trial.
  • If this is not possible, the selectors may consider the skill of that player.
  • Communication of unavailability for trial/s must have been provided in advance of the trial date.

● If a student has missed a trial without communication to the selectors:

  • The selector/s may base all judgements on the player's skill level.
  • Extra time or consideration will not be given to the player if they have missed a trial without any communication.


● Teams selections will be emailed by the Director of Sport to whānau and posted on the gym notice board.

● It is emphasised that when a student is selected that they are committed and will ensure they attend trainings demonstrating the school values at all times.

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