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SchoolDocs was established in 2006 as a user-friendly policy platform for schools in Aotearoa. Based in Ōtautahi Christchurch, the SchoolDocs team partners with schools across the motu to develop policies and procedures that keep pace with the changing educational environment. SchoolDocs sites make policy information accessible to the whole school community. Each site contains a set of policies and procedures that is tailored to the school, and feedback from community members helps to ensure that the site reflects how the school operates. SchoolDocs sites have a unique web address for each school. All members of the school community can access the site using these details.


Username: geis
Password: respect

SchoolDocs sites are organised into sections that reflect operational requirements. The table of contents shows the key policy for each section, with dropdown menus that show supporting policies and procedures. To find a policy or procedure, use the search function at the top left with a topic name or keyword. Related topics will appear in the table of contents window. Clicking on the topic you want to read and then closing the search will show where the topic sits in the table of contents. For a list of important policies and procedures, search for the Quick Links topics that are available for school staff, and parents and whānau.


All SchoolDocs schools follow a 3-year review schedule that ensures content stays up to date. Each term, the school community is able to provide feedback on the content and implementation of policies and procedures that are under review. The SchoolDocs team uses feedback from all schools, along with research and external consultation, to make changes to core content. The team notifies schools of any action that is required.Topics that are under review have a review button, which allows school feedback to be sent to both the school and the SchoolDocs team. All topics also have a feedback button that can be used to send general feedback or queries about a topic directly to the school.‍

For additional information on the role of Boards, visit NZSTA’s A Parent’s Guide to the Role of the BOT. A-parents-guide-to-the-role-of-the-board-of-trustees.compressed.pdf

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